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  • All KEEP Lithium Battery Covered with Rm 1 Million Product Liability
  • All Lithium Battery controlled by unigue serial number.
  • Covered by MSIG Insurance
  • Click here register : http://keepinone.com.my/keep/index.php
  • Product with 3 years Insurance protections,2 years warranty & one to one exchange.
  • 100% compatible with genuine batteries
  • Overcharging Protecting
  • Great value, quality replacement part
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery 
  • Low self discharge


     Lithium-ion is a low maintenance battery, an advantage that most other chemistries cannot claim. There is no memory and no scheduled cycling is required to prolong the battery's life. In addition, the self-discharge is less than half compared to nickel-cadmium, making lithium-ion well suited for modern fuel gauge applications. lithium-ion cells cause little harm when disposed.

                  Since 1999,Keep In Touch (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Keep is an international trader and wholesaler for digital cameras, camera and accessories. We are here to sell and buy products from across the world, and at the same time providing unlimited access to a community of international suppliers and manufacturers.No longer staying a novelty, digital cameras and camcorders become an essential item for today's trendyconsumer. We provide import, export and wholesale services on all the leading brands in the market and other upcoming brands that are worth checking out.Keep is a young dynamic company. Our team has accumulated a wealth of experience as we worked closely with our clients and built trust across the network that qualify us as a reliable partner in the trading marketplace.Today, we deal in various types of consumer products, with strong focus on cameras of leading brands, memory storage media and camera accessories. Certificate ISO 9001: 2000

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Additional Information

Warranty No No
Warranty Period 3 Years
Warranty Extra One to One

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